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Joshua Learns to Ski

January 20th, 2008 by Josef van Wyk

This weekend I decided to take Joshua skiing. It was his first time and he took to it quite naturally. Just like his father, the first thing he said was “I want to go on that one”, pointing at the highest chairlift, “to the top of the mountain”!

Bryce Ski Resort

I decided to get him used to the bunny slopes for a bit and then we did go on to the top and the little lionheart just went for it, jumped from the chairlift like a pro and pointed his skis downhill shouting “come daddy, come!!” We had a blast!

Bryce Ski Resort

Here is a short video clip I took while we were in training.

As you can see he also follows my approach; fast forward and when you want to stop, simply fall down… :)

New York in Fall

October 6th, 2007 by Josef van Wyk

So we spent a week in New York with the kids. What a busy week! I worked and Liesel explored. To see some of our pictures, click here.

Labour Day Weekend

September 8th, 2007 by Josef van Wyk

Well, we decided to go to the beach for the weekend and after some inquiries, Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware seemed like a viable option. In the park camping is the way to go and we thought we’ll give it a try with the two boys. They had an absolute blast! We spent most of the time on the beach and walking through the park and, even though they were a little bit busy in the tent at first, Josh and William settled down pretty well. At the end we had a great time and we decided this will be a regular visit on our horizons while we are staying on the east coast. To see some of our pictures, click here.


November 22nd, 2006 by Josef van Wyk

Well it is almost time for Thanksgiving break and I must say I cannot wait. The last couple weeks were really crazy and it is nothing compared to what will come in Dec., so we will have to make most of this weekend. This is probably the last weekend we can experience a little bit of Fall before winter sets in. The trees around our place lost almost all their leaves, and even though Josh is enjoying rolling around, it is fairly hard work getting rid of all those leaves!

Josh in Fall FoliageJosh in Fall Foliage

Friday will be “Anything but Turkey” day at Ken’s and it will be great to visit again, we have been out of touch for some time now due to work and conflicting travel schedules. He is coming over to the dark side as well now since he will be buying an ’07 Outback this week :)